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2019 Colorado River Cleanup

The Colorado River Cleanup was a success!

75 fantastic volunteers showed up

to clean the Colorado from bank to bank!

18 yards of trash was removed with some notable items:

  • A huge dam bouy

  • A Jack Daniels bottle with a note inside!

  • A 15 foot culvert

  • and a steel bathtub that took the entire group to lift

We removed so many tires that it took a barge to get them out.

After the cleanup there was an awesome BBQ!

Sponsored by Reynolds Polymer

Everyone was stoked for their hard earned meal.

30 different sponsors donated over $2000 in prizes so that everyone who participated in The Colorado River Cleanup could receive a prize from the raffle letting them know we appreciate their hard work.

It was a group effort and the paddling community showed up!

In total we cleaned 30 miles of the Colorado River

and had a day full of memories.

be sure to check out the news coverage for the cleanup

Once again

Photo credits: Lee Gelatt

See you all next year for:

The Colorado River Cleanup

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