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Who is a paddler?

Someone who uses a paddle or Oar with a boat or board to navigate themselves on a body of water, moving or otherwise in a safe and conscious way. 


Be an example for the community on how to have a healthy relationship with water and the rivers that flow through this Grand Valley. 


Develop the paddling community in the Grand Valley through education, engagement, and encouragement while equipping them with paddling skills. 

  • How do I stay safe on the river?
    Make sure your PFD/Lifejacket fits properly and that it is snug, be sure to wear it when on the water Be aware of hazards on the river Water temperature (dress accordingly) Currents (be able to swim away from danger) Water hazards (strainers, sieves, foot entrapment) Paddle only to your ability. Get training and know what you are getting yourself into If you swim get into the defensive swimmers position on your back with your feet up downstream of your head Never paddle alone, always have someone to paddle with that’s the whole reason why we started the Grand Valley Paddling Club
  • Don't have a paddle?
    Rent one! Centennial Canoe Outfitters – canoes CMU Outdoor Program – rafts, duckies, kayaks, and SUPs. Adventure Bound – rafts Rimrock Adventures – rafts, kayaks, canoes, and SUPs GJ SUP – SUPs Rapid Creek Cycle – SUPs Need a ride too? Desert Mountain Shuttle Pali-tours Want some instruction? Currently there are no private instructors that we know of practicing in the Grand Valley The CMU Outdoor Program provides instruction to students and sometimes may offer programs to the public.
  • What are the river levels?
    RIver levels provided by American Whitewater USGS gauges Big Sur Through the valley Ruby Horsethief Gunnison
  • What's the river like?
    Colorado RIver Riverbend Park to Corn Lake (10 miles) Corn Lake to Redlands Parkway/Blue Heron (10 miles) Redlands Parkway/ Blue Heron to Loma (10 Miles) Loma to Westwater (26 miles) Westwater canyon (15 miles) Gunnison RIver Escalante to Bridgeport (11.5 miles) Bridgeport to Whitewater (11.5 Miles) Whitewater to the Redlands Diversion Dam (11.5 miles) Sourced from Jerry's Local RIver Guide
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