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Good Vibes

There were some good vibes Last week when I attended the Gear Demo held at On The River Supply. Not only was there some delicious smoked pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and potato salad but there were some fantastic river people from the community and great conversation to be had.

Josh from Good Vibes River Gear and Mark from On The River Supply Chatting it up

(Josh Veenstra with good Vibes River gear and Mark Proctor from On The River Supply)

We had all come to OTRSupply to learn about a wonderful new local company making some great river gear.

Good Vibes River Gear is even better than expected! Made with a sense of style that is refreshing and invigorating it is not only functional but brings with it character. The fully customizable designs can be specifically tailored to your needs. If you like a certain strap pattern or color of material it can be mixed and matched to whatever combination you want. You can theme your entire kit if you'd like. Everyone would know exactly what gear was yours.

The attention to detail and pride in workmanship ensure that you're going to get a quality product that is durable and reliable. Not only can you choose the patterns and colors of materials but that can be sized to your specific needs as well. Want something smaller, longer, or wider? Just Let Josh know and he can make certain there is a perfect fit .

Good gear makes a trip more enjoyable and safer. With products like dish dryers, silverware holders, and pots and pans shelving make cleanup in the kitchen much more efficient maximizing the space you can utilize and making things easier to organize and find. The propane and dish basin bags along with the groover, ammo can, water container, cooler, and custom hand wash station soap holder help make for a safer trip by reducing the amount of friction from metal objects and ensuring that you never lose the soap again because one of the most important practices on the river is cleanliness. These products are truly developed from years of experience on the river.

All of these things and I haven't even gotten to the best part yet. everything... and I mean everything from the straps to the thread, even the tags are all made right here in America. It's not everyday that you see 100% American made products and such a high quality one too.

Good Vibes has a great partnership with On The River Supply. If you ever need a product repaired or altered just bring it in to OTRSupply and pick up a new version of the same product while you wait for yours to be returned. Yep no waiting around with out the the gear you need now. The turn around times are short too. With Good Vibes operating out of Craig Colorado things usually only take a week or so to come back good as new.

The Good Vibes ethic for their gear is "Never Leave Quality Behind". Be sure to stop in at On The River Supply and check out the full line of Good Vibes River Gear. It is sure to impress! And stay tuned for more events similar to this one.

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