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2017 Colorado River Cleanup pt.1

Aug. 5 2017 was a perfect day to cleanup the river.

Grand-Valley-Paddling-Club 2017-Colorado-River-Cleanup

The 2017 Colorado River Cleanup Organized by W.A.T.E.R. Was a great success! The community really showed up to this yearly event organized the first weekend of August each year.

The river cleanup is done in 3 sections.

1. Palisade Section Which is Riverbend Park to Corn Lake

2.Grand Junction Section Which is Corn Lake to Blue Heron

3.Fruita Section

which is Blue Heron to Fruita State Park

The Colorado River cleanup is truly a collaboration of many different organizations and people.


People Paddle the river in Rafts, duckies, hardshell boats, dories, and Stand Up Paddle Boards all to lend a hand in the Cleanup of the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Valley.

Each person does their part to aid in the clean up. Some find trash right along the water's edge, some walk the exposed rocks that make up the banks at low water.

Some dig out tires that get buried in the muddy banks.

All work together to collect the trash and then float everything they have collected down the river. Filling Boats and weighing them down with trash and tires.

The boats are floated out and the trash is then collected in dumpsters and a dump truck provided by the 3 different cities that make up the Grand Valley.

At the end of the Paddle after the trash has been loaded people clean their boats and load them up. Some head home and change their clothes while others drop trailers and boats, Each of them headed to the BBQ To celebrate their accomplishments.

The BBQ has been hosted by Amec Foster Wheeler For a number of years now and is held at canyon view park. Burgers and Dogs were grilled, potato salad, chips, cookies, cupcakes, and don't forget the palisade peaches that Bob Richardson brought. Thanks Bob! People ate and talked sharing stories of what they found on each of the different sections they cleaned up. A raffle was held with donations from Cabelas, Rapid Creek Cycles, GJ SUP, Whitewater West, Down River Supply, REI, Kannah Creek, and NRS. Everyone celebrated as winners were announced. It seemed like everyone had their number called with the great turnout of prizes to give away. As people parted ways memories were made and friendships formed because they came together to help with the 2017 Colorado River Cleanup.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Photo credit: Jesse Selywn

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